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The Weird & Wonderful cheese Company are based on the Shropshire - Cheshire border which is as you’d agree probably the very centre of traditional cheesemaking country.  We are a small family run business who not only source other high-quality unusual flavoured cheeses but also produce our own Cheshire style Artisan cheese range, which at present consists of a white Cheshire cheddar and a Cheshire mozzarella.  In addition to this we offer a Cheese Wedding Cake service that allows you to choose from all of our range to build a completely customised weird wedding cake.  As part of the service we will visit you for a tasting session where you can truly customise your cake, this way you only get the flavours you like.  This will help to cut down on unnecessary wastage on your big day.

We are also available for private events and seminars where we have tasting sessions followed by up to one-hour talks on the company and general cheesemaking with an opportunity to purchase at a discounted rate.  To keep things interesting we also run free to enter competitions on Facebook where you can win various vouchers that can be redeemed at any of our markets or events.  So follow links and join others for the  opportunity to be a winner.

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The Weird & Wonderful Cheese Co. Ltd

Registered in England (registered no. 237038906)