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If you like cheese and you are one of over 98% of households who buy cheese in Britain then you have come to the right place.  You may have seen us at your local farmers market or enquired about our Cheese Wedding Cakes for your special day, either way we are all here because we all love cheese!

Where is the cheese?

At present you can purchase our fantastic cheeses from local markets around Shropshire and north Wales.   For regular updates please check the latest posts on our facebook page.

Our regular monthly farmers markets are:

• Shrewsbury (1st Friday)

• Whitchurch (1st Saturday)

• Ludlow (2nd & 4th Thursday)

• Much Wenlock (2nd Saturday)

• Oswestry (Last Friday)

• Wrexham (Last Saturday)


What flavours are available?

Our market stalls can supply a large variety of cheese treats.  Below is a list of available flavours.

 Caramelised Onion • Cheddar Crunch • Cheddar Herbs & Garlic • Cheddar, Chives & Onion • Cheddar & Pickled Onion • Cheddar & Marmite • Cracked Black Pepper • Double Gloucester, Chives & Onion • Indian Spice • Mexicana • Mustard • Scorpion (VERY HOT) • Smoked Cheddar • Wensleydale & Cranberries • Wensleydale & Apricots • White Stilton & Apricots • White Stilton & Cranberry • White Cheshire & Marmalade

Can it be purchased online?

We are working very hard to build an online shop to supply the large demand for quality cheeses to be delivered direct to your door!

Coming 2017

Cheese Wedding Cakes

 We can supply a cheese wedding cake for your special day at a fantastic price.  Please message us on facebook or email for details and prices.

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